Air conditioning installation Denver, Colorado

Are you looking for the most qualified, highest quality technicians for air conditioning installation Denver? Look no further; you’ve come to the right place! Our team can replace broken down or busted AC units with new models that can save you money, keep you cooler, and help protect the environment.

Why rely on us for air conditioning installation Denver, Colorado?

We beat the competition hands down, and here are all the reasons why:

  • We offer top quality workmanship, and top quality results. We bring our A-Game to every service call we make. We believe that the only job done right, is a job that’s done right the first time.
  • Our technicians aren’t just qualified and licensed. We’re honest too. Because we’re a local business and not a big national corporation, winning the trust of our customers is the most important thing to us. That’s why we offer quotes before we start work, and only use top quality materials to cut down on the need for repairs.
  • We’re also offer the most affordable air conditioning installation in Denver and the surrounding area. Denver CO isn’t Beverly Hills, and we feel that the hard working professionals and families in our home town deserve affordable HVAC.

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Why replace an old AC unit?

A broken air conditioner is no fun

The most obvious reason why you should replace an air conditioner is that it’s broken down. There are plenty of reasons why an AC unit might have broken down. There are also a number of warning signs that you should look out for, which point to the fact that you’ll have to have it replaced. For instance, you might find water pooling underneath it. Or you may have noticed that your AC doesn’t cool your house as fast, or as much as it used to.

An older air conditioner is no fun

You should also consider replacing your old AC unit if it’s an older model, even if it still works fine. If your AC is older than fifteen years, then the odds are that you’ll just have to have it repaired more and more from now on. It’s far better to have it replaced now rather than a few years down the line, after you’ve spent money each year on having it repaired or maintained.

Repairs that cost a lot are no fun

Generally, if it costs more than a thousand or a couple of thousand to have your air conditioning unit repaired, you should actually consider replacing it altogether. The older your AC unit, the less you should spend on repairing it (because as we said, you’ll only have to repair it again some point soon).

Inefficiency is no fun

Last but not least, older AC units are far less efficient than some newer models. Just right now, you could be losing money that you could easily save through having a new AC unit installed. So if you still have an old model, you should consider having a new one installed because it would actually pay for itself over a few years’ time. Not only that, but newer models are more powerful too.

Get the ball rolling in four easy steps!               

Air conditioning installation in Denver couldn’t be easier. We keep the process as simple as possible, because we know that when your AC is broken, you’re probably not in the mood for playing games or for waiting around! Here are the four simple steps to having us replace your old AC unit:

  • First things first, get in touch. You can either contact us through the contact form on our website, or give us a call over the phone. Our friendly office receptionist will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.
  • Once we know what you’d like, we’ll offer you a quote for your work. We make a point of offering an honest, affordable service. If you’re happy with our quote, we can move on to the next step!
  • Next up, we’ll arrange the date and time that’s best for you. We’re available from 7 in the morning until 5 in the evening, and can work weekends if we have to. We know that your AC unit won’t choose a convenient time to break down- so we work at your convenience, instead.
  • Last, all you have to do is sit back and relax. You’re in capable hands, and it won’t be long before we have your AC replaced with a newer, more efficient and more powerful model. What’s not to love about that?

Who are we?

At Torreys Peak Mechanical, we pride ourselves on professional service. We are both owned and operated locally and can boast 30 years’ experience. We’ve seen it all, fixed it all, and installed it all- so no matter what you want, we can offer it.

Our technicians are qualified, licensed, and treat you and your home with the respect you deserve. When we need to hire somebody new, we make sure of two things: first of all, that they known their stuff. But also that they’re good, honest people who will fit into our ethos and the way we like to work. That’s how we make sure that we can offer the best air conditioning installation Denver, Colorado.

Would you like to know more about us, or just to have a talk with us to find out more? Then why not give us a call at our office? Our office receptionist can tell you everything you need to know (and even more, besides).

What locations do we service for Air conditioning installation Denver, Colorado?

We are a local business, not a nationwide chain. We have 30+ years’ worth of experience servicing the Denver area. Here are each of the cities, townships and neighborhoods we serve:

  • Lakewood, CO
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Centennial, CO
  • Aurora, CO
  • Arvada, CO
  • Englewood, CO
  • and the surrounding areas.

If you aren’t sure whether or not we would make a service call to your area, why not get in touch? We would love to hear from you!