Trying to find an easy way to reduce your home’s energy bill? You have plenty of choices. From capping usage to new energy plans, you have a range of solutions to choose from. One of those is the tankless water heater. It’s the ideal choice for improving water usage/efficiency, so ‘going tankless’ makes sense in many aspects. In this article, we’ll look at why installing a tankless water heater is a great idea.

Tankless Water Heater Denver

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Tankless Water Heater Denver: What Does It Provide?

As one of the newer names on the water market, tankless water heater installations are very much ‘hype’. This means that it’s not hard to find yourself using a tankless system without even realizing it! Tankless water heaters continuously keep hot water flowing, since it’s heated just before it reaches the faucet or shower head. How? Thanks to the use of extremely high powered electric coils and/or gas burners, just like other water heaters. Sick of hot/cold, inconsistent showers? This definitely will help you out. Water heaters that use tanks can, quite literally, run out of hot water as you’re using it and take too long to heat up more.

Over time, this makes a telling difference to how much money you have to spend on warm water at home. If you live alone, you’ll notice that you’re using far less hot water. If all you ever need hot water for is one shower and to wash one or two dishes at night, you don’t need a huge tank of hot water ready and waiting. A tankless heater will only heat what water you need, so you’ll be saving plenty of money heating up less water. A knock-on effect of this fact is that you’ll be helping out the environment, too.

Tankless Water Heater Denver: Stress Savers!

It’s not something that we’ll advertise, necessarily, but tankless water heaters are actually great stress savers. So if you are someone who is sick of waiting around in the morning for a warm shower, you won’t have to anymore. Those showers that start off warm but quickly go cold as ‘someone’ used the hot water become a thing of the past. The same applies to running out of hot water when you’re trying to wash the car, wash dishes, or wash the dog too. Another ‘stress saving’ impact of tankless heaters is that they can save you money. Despite costing a fair amount to install, a tankless heater will eventually pay for itself, even if you consider maintenanace.

You have to make sure, however, that you have the right sized system installed. Some tankless heaters are intended to provide heat for no more than one faucet. Some, for two or three. Others for a shower and a number of faucets at the same time. The more water you need, the bigger the tankless water heater. That being said, every kind of tankless heater is smaller than one with a tank!

Tankless Water Heater Denver: The Positives of Installation

  1. One of the main benefits all users get from a tankless water heater is instant hot water. No more waiting around half-naked while the shower heats up. This ensures that cold water coming via faucets is hot on impact. This allows for easier, stress-free mornings getting ready in the winter!
  2. Also, you get rid of those bulk storage tanks. While some might overstate the space saved, tankless systems are generally less roomy. This is great if you struggle for space at home need extra cupboard space. Used correctly, then, a tankless system can be great for both cost and room.
  3. Your monthly bills will see a major reduction. While they are expensive to get fitted in the first place, efficiency is always so much higher with a heating system like this. While the savings might seem small from week-to-week, the annual savings will have you feeling the pinch far less in winter.
  4. The lifespan of such a system is the same as a water tank installation. A tankless water heater can last for as long as two decades.
  5. No more standby loss; one of the worst parts of using a tanked system. As the water sits in a large tank, it gradually loses its heat over time. Without having to heat the water in the tank all the time, tankless systems are more energy efficient, environmentally green and cost-effective.

Tankless Water Heater Denver: The Risks Involved

As ever, there are some drawbacks that you should look out for. For one, a waterless system that does not fit your household needs causes inconsistency in temperatures when too much water is used. A good contractor will make sure you avoid this problem, by discussing your needs before installation.

Also, the risk involved is mostly monetary. You need to make a large investment to have a tankless system installed. As mentioned earlier, though, such systems do offer great return on investment. If a minor monetary hit just now is affordable, it is very much worth considering for the long-term savings you’ll make.

Tankless Water Heater Denver: Hiring The Right Expert  

Like any installation, the installation of a tankless heater requires an expert. These systems are simply too difficult to install and easy to damage on your own. Even if you fancy yourself as a DIY expert, always bring in expert advice to deal with your tankless water heater. Who else to choose but Torreys Peak Mechanical? We have decades of experience between us installing systems just like these around the Colorado Springs and Denver area. So give us a call today!