Denver is a wonderful place to live, but our heating costs are through the roof in Winter! Because of the strain we put on our heating systems, Denver businesses can spend a lot of time going back-and-forth with commercial heating systems which break down and are unreliable.

Why is that a problem? Value. Value is a necessity in business today, and poor value is only going to hurt your business in the long-term. For that reason, commercial boiler repair is very popular. Instead of having your business boiler replaced, why not have it repaired?

Commercial boiler repair Denver

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Commercial Boiler Repair Denver: Can You Save Money?

Yes, you most certainly can. Many people choose to make this investment to help save their company from literally burning money. Boilers running at high quality and at commercial efficiency are night and day from what you get when a boiler is running poorly. Damaged boilers, leaking boilers, poor transmission and various other factors can all hold back your commercial boiler usage.

Boiler repair, though, can save you a lot of money. As you will already know, boiler replacements are timely and very expensive. Instead, you can avoid such irritating issues. Boiler repair services can take a much more comprehensive look at where your heating system is going wrong.

This can help you save a huge amount of energy costs per year. For a standard commercial business, you might find that upwards of 50% of your energy bills per annum go on heating. And as we pointed out above, Denver can get cold in January and February. Staff and/or customers need to be kept warm, so you need efficient heating that can run all day, and maybe even all night.

Add in power costs for everything from lighting to appliance usage, and you are left with a rising energy bill. Keeping your boiler in top condition can go some way to making sure that your costs are not going to keep rising as they feel like they are at the moment. There is no need to see your business spend more money than it has to on energy. An efficient boiler that has been repaired will give you the same efficiency as a new replacement without massive installation costs. So, if you want to help cut down on costs, start here.

Commercial Boiler Repair Denver: Uphold Warranty and Insurance

Another reason to have your boiler repaired and maintained is for licensing reasons. Businesses in Denver need to meet certain standards to be able to open their doors for business. Should a furnace or boiler begin to break down, it can mean having to close the doors. So it helps you to not only keep your boiler efficient but also capable of meeting its specifications.

Another example is the warranty on the heating system itself. Warranty will run out on your boiler if it is not regularly maintained and repaired, and that will mean a very costly replacement should it break on you. Manufacturers do design boilers to last for many years, but everything has a shelf life. Instead of getting hot and bothered by the warranty running out, hire a repair team.

It’s easy enough to keep a boiler in warranty. A boiler maintenance and warranty contract will, 9 times out of 10, state the terms of warranty. Your boiler warranty will expect you to undergo regular maintenance with a trusted, accredited professional. If you do not do this, then you are asking for your boiler to be out of warranty and made void.

When you go to the company in a bid to have it replaced, they will ask for a service record. If you cannot show a service record, then you will likely void the warranty. In worst-case scenarios, this can mean needing an expensive replacement or potentially having to close the doors of your business short-term. So do the right thing, and pay for repairs and maintenance instead of paying for a costly replacement.

Commercial Boiler Repair Denver: Safety Comes First

The other main reason to pay for commercial boiler repair service is safety. Your business has a duty to keep both staff and shoppers safe. You are publicly bound to make these kind of calls, and to deliver a safe, satisfying business experience. Everyone should feel safe when they are on your premises. Don’t compromise people’ safety with a broken boiler!

Your commercial boiler needs you to take better care of it – in fact, it is your duty to the public. A failure to do so will see your business become at potential risk of closure. Health risks from an uncared for boiler can be numerous, including:

  • A leaking that can allow for elements to escape into the air. This could endanger people who are visiting your store, and your staff.
  • Valves could become loose and increase the risk of a fire hazard.
  • Increasing the cost of future maintenance by a massive margin. Maintenance costs will skyrocket when you do not take care of present problems with your boiler. 
  • The release of carbon monoxide, which is a fatal killer when undetected.

All of the above, then, should make three very important reasons for commercial boiler repair. Standing off and letting the problem get worse with your boiler is not really an option. If you want to keep your Denver business in operation, it has to meet some very stringent safety requirements.

So, you should do all that you can to make such requirements possible. Invest in commercial boiler repair Denver businesses can rely on, as soon as you can! It can be the difference between a safe business, or one that has to close down for repairs.