Over the hot summer months, your AC does everything it can to keep you cool. But, just like people, AC units can work too hard. Like people, they can burn out, and churn to a halt… And when they do, you should take advantage of our Denver air conditioning service!

When you call us out, we’ll be able to tell you what exactly went wrong in side your AC. And when we do, it’s likely to be something like this:

Denver air conditioning service

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Denver air conditioning service: Replace a dirty filter

The first (and most common) cause of AC faults is a simple dirty filter. If your air con is running with a dirty filter, you’ll notice a gradual drop in efficiency. In other words, your house won’t become as cool, or it won’t become as cool as fast as it used to.

This is something that you can actually do on your own, if you know how to do it. It’s not too different to changing the same kind of filter on a car. But if you’re not confident enough to change it, or you simply don’t have the time, it’s a simple job for one of our technicians.

If you can figure it out on your own, we recommend changing it around once a month. It depends on your location, and whether there tends to be a lot of dust and debris in the air. This is something that you can check for yourself, periodically. You can always simply lift the filter from the AC unit and give it a quick check, to see if it needs changing.

Denver air conditioning service: Fix a refrigerant leak

A refrigerant leak is a far more serious problem than a dirty filter. If you didn’t know, refrigerant is the fluid that actually makes your AC do what it does. So if your refrigerant starts to leak, no matter how, this is a very serious problem in that your AC just can’t keep your house cool. Because of the heat generated by the motor within your AC, without refrigerant, it would actually heat your house up.

But even aside from stopping your AC from working, refrigerant is actually exceptionally toxic. It’s vital that you don’t try to fix a refrigerant leak yourself. Because if you do, you might find more than you bargained for. Trust one of our trained technicians to do it for you, and dispose of any waste properly, instead. When you do, we can replace any broken pipes or seals, as well as replace your refrigerant for you, and take care of any cleanup.

Denver air conditioning service: Improper drainage can cause faults

By drainage, we don’t mean draining away your refrigerant! As your AC works, it actually creates water out of the air in your home. This is part of how it successively cools and then heats the refrigerant. Ideally, this water is then sent away through a condensate pipe. It’s named a condensate pipe because the AC condenses water from the air.

But if your air conditioner has a fault, you may notice a puddle forming underneath it. This would indicate that either the condensate isn’t reaching the pipe, or that the pipe is clogged. This is a common fault, because the condensed water can freeze at the end of the pipe if it isn’t wide enough. The water pooling around inside the air conditioner can also cause an electrical fault or another error with your unit, so it’s worth having fixed as soon as you can.

Denver air conditioning service: Mechanical problems

A number of the parts of your air conditioner are mechanical. That means that they don’t just rely on electrical signals to do things, they actually physically move around. The most obvious of these is the fan, or fans. Normally, the fan will have a grate either above it or in front of it. This will stop any debris from entering the system. But even so, it’s possible that something could get stuck in the fan and cause a fault.

Attached to the fan, however, are a motor and a fan belt. These components inside the unit can break down because of corrosion (for example from a refrigerant leak), or can be affected by moisture in the air or from the condenser. If there is a problem with either of these parts, you will know straight away: you’ll turn the AC on and nothing will happen. But these parts are relatively simple to replace.

Denver air conditioning service: Simple ageing could be the culprit

Simple wear and tear is a very common reason for an AC unit to break down. Over time, AC units- and all systems of the same kind- will gradually stop being as effective. It’s a simple fact of life, even if you do everything you can to keep it in top condition.

If your AC is simply too old, don’t despair. We will do everything we can to replace any broken or inefficient components. But if it still refuses to work, here’s the good bit: you can get a newer, better one! Our competitive rates mean that this won’t break the bank. Contact us today for a quote!