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Denver CO Boiler and Furnace

When you’re looking for Denver CO boiler and furnace services in one location, Torreys Peak Mechanical is the place to go. Our technicians can repair and install most types of boilers and furnaces into your home or office space. Their expertise and experience with HVAC systems allow them to handle your heating system with ease so that you can worry less. Call today if your boiler or furnace is acting unusual, and we’ll help you set it right again.

Denver CO Boiler and Furnace

Torreys Peak Mechanical is an HVAC company that you can trust.

Whether you need a boiler replacement or a furnace repair service, our professionals can handle it. Although we don’t offer boilers or furnaces, we can give you advice and suggestions on which ones to get. And after you choose the right one for you, we can handle its installation and future repairs. So, call today to learn more about our heating system services.

Most homes in the U.S. use either a boiler or a furnace. Both boilers and furnaces can heat your house or office to keep you warm in the face of wintery weather. The largest difference is in the way their systems work.

The Difference Between Your Typical Denver CO Boiler and Furnace

Most homes use boiler or furnace systems in conjunction with air conditioning systems to create an optimal temperature system for all seasons. The difference comes after that. In simple terms, a boiler uses either hot water or steam to warm your house. On the other hand, furnaces use warm air instead.

Boiler systems often run off natural gas, oil, electricity, or wood pellets. They boil water, hence the name, and distribute heat via a pump. These pumps heat radiant floors, cast iron radiators, or baseboard radiators within your home. Because boiler heating systems don’t use a blower, these systems tend to be more comfortable inside your house.

Although boiler systems tend to be expensive on the initial installation, they’re quieter, have high efficiency, and create better airflow than furnaces. You can also use the hot water from the boiler for laundry, showers, and even dishwaters in certain situations. Unfortunately, if your boiler ever leaks, it can cause extensive damage to your home’s interior.

Furnace systems also run off of natural gas or electricity. However, some furnaces run off propane. They heat air and push it through your house’s air ducts through blowers. These systems can better warm your home, but the blowers can make the air drier and less comfortable.

In general, furnaces tend to be less expensive and take a shorter time to install than boilers. Not to mention, because furnaces don’t use water, there’s less chance of it freezing during a winter power outage. On the other hand, furnace systems tend to create draftier environments, making it easier to spread dust and dander.

When is it time to service or install a new boiler or furnace?

Denver CO Boiler and Furnace

Torreys Peak Mechanical can help you with your Denver CO Boiler and Furnace.

Typically, a Denver CO boiler and furnace can last at least 15 years. Once your heating system gets that old, you may start noticing signs of it wearing or breaking down. At that point, you may start weighing the pros and cons of repairing it a few more times or pulling out your wallet to install a new one.

For the most part, newer heating systems are more energy-efficient than older ones. As your heating system grows older, you may realize that it isn’t heating your home or office as effectively as before. Or, it may be taking longer and more energy to warm your home. The easiest way to spot this trend is a sudden spike in your energy bill when you compare it to other winter seasons.

Sometimes, buckling down and buying yourself a new boiler or furnace is a way to save you money. Whether your heating system is new or old, they do tend to break down periodically. However, if you notice that you need to make frequent repairs, it may be better on your wallet if you install a completely new one. Although repairs may be cheaper, making frequent repairs in a short amount of time is less cost-efficient than buying a new one.

And, of course, it’s time for a new one when your old boiler or furnace stops working. Although Torreys Peak Mechanical doesn’t offer boilers or furnaces, we can help you choose the right one for you. And once you decide, we can help with the installation process for your boiler or furnace.

Occasional Denver Boiler and Furnace Repairs are Important

Of course, not every instance of your furnace or boiler breaking down requires an entirely new one. Sometimes, you can repair it, and it’ll work as usual again. The signs that your heating system needs the care of a professional can be subtle. A few common issues are strange noises, leaks, or weird smells.

Boilers don’t tend to make any noise when they’re operating, but if you hear whistling or clunking sounds, then there’s something wrong with it. On the other hand, furnaces tend to be the noisier of the two heating systems. However, usually, it only makes a constant whirring noise, which is the blower working as usual. If you hear clattering or clunking like something’s banging around near the furnace, you should call a professional to check it out.

Denver CO Boiler and Furnace

Whether you need a new boiler or furnace, we can help with its installation.

Usually, neither heating system produces strange smells. If you smell something near your boiler or furnace, it’s burning something it shouldn’t be. A burning smell from your boiler means something’s overheating, while sulfuric or rotten egg smells mean your heating system is leaking gas somewhere. On the other hand, if your furnace’s carbon monoxide alarm goes off, you should immediately call for a professional.

Contact Torreys Peak Mechanical

A working heating system is important during the wintertime. That’s why Torreys Peak Mechanical wants to ensure that your boiler or furnace system is working as it should. If you call, we can help you figure out if there’s anything wrong with your HVAC system today. Whether you need us to install a new boiler or repair your furnace, we can handle everything necessary.

So, call us today for more information. Otherwise, you can visit us at our convenient location to learn more. We offer Denver CO boiler and furnace services to the Lakewood community and surrounding areas.

Denver, Colorado Fun Facts:

  • Denver was started as a mining town by gold prospectors in 1858.
  • They chose the city’s name as a way to curry favor with the governor of that time, James W. Denver.
  • The city was a frontier town that catered to local miners with a variety of saloons, gambling houses, livestock, and goods trading.
  • For more information, visit the city’s official page.