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Denver CO Boiler Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for professionals that offer Denver CO boiler cleaning services, Torreys Peak Mechanical can handle it for you. Most heating systems can last at least 15 years. Boiler systems can even last up to 30 years with proper maintenance and routine repairs. If you need help with your boiler’s repairs or maintenance, we can help you with them today.

Denver CO Boiler Cleaning Services

If you have questions about your boiler system, we can help.

When you live in the Denver area, a heating system is one of the essential heating sources that will help tide over the cold weather winter brings us. Ensuring that your heating system is working before the season arrives and during the season can save you from hardship. That’s why most homes in the U.S. have either a furnace or a boiler, which operate differently to give the same effect.

Furnace systems use blowers to move hot air around to warm your home, so they tend to make your house feel drafty and dry while spreading dust and allergens. However, boiler systems use hot water or steam to gradually warm your home, eliminating those issues. Compared to furnaces, boilers are more energy-efficient and comfortable. Although they require more maintenance and repairs than furnaces, the trade-off can be worth it.

Why You Want to Use Our Denver CO Boiler Cleaning Services

One of the issues that boilers tend to run into after prolonged usage is dirty boiler tubes. Cleaning your boiler’s tubes out at least once a year can prolong your heating system’s efficiency and durability. Otherwise, the dirt buildup can obstruct your boiler’s startup, causing it to waste more energy to get to its usual level. You should remember to take care of this issue before winter starts; otherwise, your boiler may not work efficiently in the middle of winter.

Of course, you can clean out your boiler’s pipes yourself if you’re a DIYer or want to save on money. However, if you want to ensure that your boiler is completely clean, you can rely on us. By hiring professionals to clean your boiler’s pipes for you, we can also check for other issues your boiler may have. If they notice any clogs or other potential issues, we can handle them while we’re there.

Torreys Peak Mechanical’s technicians can handle any repair services your boiler may need during their boiler cleaning visit. If something occurs that isn’t usually covered in a typical maintenance visit, we’ll also tell you if there’s an extra charge or not. Call us for service today if you need help cleaning your boiler’s system.

Denver CO Boiler Cleaning Services

We offer Denver CO Boiler Cleaning Services.

How to Clean Your Boiler

Although we recommend calling for our professional Denver CO boiler cleaning services at least once a year, you can also clean your boiler by yourself in between those visits. Ensuring that your boiler stays clean can save on having to fork out money for a boiler replacement and installation in the future.

  • Turn Off the Electricity and Fuel for the Boiler System

Before taking your boiler apart, you should ensure that the natural gas line and power are off. If your boiler is warm or hot to the touch, wait for a few hours for it to cool down completely.

  • Open Up Your Boiler

Pop open the boiler’s front and top cover with screwdrivers. You should also open up the vent stack. With these open, you now have access to clean the tubes and heat exchanger.

  • Scrub the Tubes Down and Clean the Unit

You can clean soot, dust, and carbon off the tubes to the base of the heater. Then, clean the vent stack, and wash the burner tubes with clean water. Once those tubes are dry, you can vacuum the bottom and outside the boiler.

  • Reassemble and Restart

Once everything in and around your boiler is clean, you can start putting everything back together. Screw everything back where it should be. Once it’s tight, you can restart the system. Wait for the thermostat to return to its normal temperature and ensure that the heating system is working as it should.

Other Maintenance Items to Take Note Of

Every once in a while, you should also visually inspect your boiler for any issues. You should check your air ducts and flues for any blockages. Obstructions in these vents can decrease your boiler’s efficiency because it must work harder to circulate air. If it has issues, one of the more obvious signs is a spike in your energy bill.

At least once a week, you should check your boiler’s water level. If there’s not enough, parts of your boiler can experience more wear and tear due to overheating. And, it’ll use more energy to heat the water if there’s too much. You should also replace a bucketful of water every time to prevent sediment buildup.

After checking the water levels, you should also check for any leaks in your boiler’s system. Leaks are pretty common if your boiler is in constant use, so don’t panic when you see one. If there are any, you should seal them up before they cause any lasting damage.

And, if you notice any hard water or lime-scale buildup, you should clean those spots as well. These can make it challenging for your boiler to maintain the proper temperatures. And, of course, that affects your boiler’s overall efficiency.

Denver CO Boiler Cleaning Services

Torreys Peak Mechanical is always available to clean or repair your boiler.

Don’t try to fix anything you’re unsure of. If you notice anything out of the ordinary during your cursory inspections, you can always call Torreys Peak Mechanical for assistance. We offer full-service boiler repairs and maintenance.

Contact Us for Denver Boiler Cleaning Services

Cleaning your boiler is one of the essential tasks in ensuring that it’s in proper condition. Usually, you’ll want to clean out your boiler at least once a year. We recommend cleaning it before the wintery weather hits us. However, you can technically clean it whenever you have time to.

Although you can clean it yourself, our professionals can clean it more thoroughly while also inspecting the rest of your heating system. Call us or visit our location today to learn more about our Denver CO boiler cleaning services.

Denver, Colorado Fun Facts:

  • Denver’s nickname is “Mile-High City” because it’s exactly one mile above sea level.
  • It is the 19th most populous city in the U.S.
  • In 2016, the U.S. News & World Report named Denver as the best place to live in the USA.
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