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Denver CO Emergency Furnace Repair

Even if your heating system is in perfect order before the cold arrives, sometimes, you may need Denver CO emergency furnace repair when an accident occurs. When one of your furnace’s alarms go off or breaks down suddenly, Torreys Peak Mechanical is there to help. Our repair team will arrive as soon as possible to set your furnace back the way it should be.

Denver CO Emergency Furnace Repair

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Living in the Denver metro area, you know that our winters are unbearable without a proper heating system. Furnace systems are one of the more common heating systems in U.S. homes. They offer better temperature control than boiler systems and require less maintenance and repairs. However, you want to make sure that it stays operating so that you can make it through the wintery season.

When your furnace breaks down when you need it most, you need to call for emergency furnace repair. Once we hear your call, Torreys Peak Mechanical will be there as soon as possible to get it back up and running again. So don’t endure the cold and call us when something happens to your furnace.

Signs that You Need Denver CO Emergency Furnace Repair

  • A Yellow or Orange Flame in Your Furnace

Usually, the pilot flame in your furnace is blue. If you notice a yellow or orange flame, it means the gas isn’t burning hot enough. Not only does this mean that something’s wrong, but it can also mean there’s a carbon monoxide leak happening. Carbon monoxide is dangerous to breathe in, so you should contact our Denver CO emergency furnace repair service as soon as possible.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector Ringing

As mentioned before, carbon monoxide is dangerous and lethal to inhale. It’s scentless and can cause health problems if you stay in the same room for too long. If your furnace’s detector is going off, there may be a leak, or something’s wrong with its ventilation system. Regardless, once it starts going off, you should immediately contact one of our repair technicians so that we can take care of it.

  • The Smell of Rotten Eggs

Some furnaces’ are fueled with natural gas. Although natural gas is usually scentless, gas companies intentionally add a chemical that makes it smell like rotten eggs. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs from your furnace room, there’s probably a gas leak. When that happens, you’ll want to contact us, so we can secure the leak before it gets worse.

Other Signs You Need Furnace Repairs or Maintenance

Denver CO Emergency Furnace Repair

Trust Torreys Peak Mechanical with your furnace’s repairs.

  • Puddles or Steam in Basement

If you notice there’s a pool of water, steam, or water dripping from the walls where your furnace is, it means there’s a leak somewhere. Although furnaces don’t use running water like boilers, they condensate water during their operation, which can overflow if there’s a clog in the pipework. It can also mean there’s something wrong with the valve. Either way, you should turn off your furnace and call for emergency service.

  • No Warm Air in Vents

When you have your furnace on, you’re expecting that there’s hot air coming from the vents. If it isn’t warm, you know that there’s an issue with your furnace. It can mean something is wrong with the pilot light or burner. You should call our emergency heating repair service to get your furnace working again before it gets colder.

  • Fan Continues to Spin

Sometimes, the fan doesn’t turn off or continues to run. Before you panic, you should check if you accidentally set it to “On” instead of “Auto.” If that’s not the problem, then there may be a disconnect between your furnace and the thermostat. When we inspect your furnace, we’ll be able to determine if it’s an electrical issue or a mechanical one.

Furnace Tune-Up: Prevent the Unexpected

Although furnaces don’t need as much maintenance as boilers, there are still some essential tasks you need to perform to ensure your furnace will last through the winter. By inspecting your furnace before the season hits, you can lessen the risk of something happening when you least want it to. One of these tasks is calling us for a furnace tune-up.

We highly recommend getting a furnace tune-up twice a year: once before the cold season starts and once after. We’ll clean and adjust the parts inside your furnace and ensure everything is in good order. We’ll also perform a comprehensive inspection to catch anything that may become an issue later.

This inspection includes checking your furnace’s motors, electrical components, and connections. We’ll also inspect the belts and pulleys, flue pipe, coils, heat exchanger, gas pressure, and flame operation. And to make sure nothing is affecting your furnace’s efficiency, we’ll also clean out all the compartments and filters.

After ensuring that it’s clean and everything looks like it’s in working order, we’ll actually test it out. We’ll check the air ducts and flow while ensuring that everything’s working safely. After touching base with a few other panels, your furnace will be ready to get you through the long winter.

Denver CO Emergency Furnace Repair

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Contact Us for Denver Emergency Furnace Repair

Of course, accidents can occur even if you make sure you tune up your heating unit at least once a year. That’s why Torreys Peak Mechanical offers emergency repairs in Denver. If your furnace breaks down in the dead of winter, we’ll come to fix it so you can enjoy its warmth again. Or, if your furnace’s safety alarms are ringing, we’ll come to set it right and prevent it from causing any harm.

With more than three decades of experience, our technicians perform fast HVAC, boiler, and AC repairs with a satisfaction guarantee. We’ll ensure your indoor air quality remains clean by ensuring that your air conditioning or heating units are working properly. When you need emergency furnace repairs or basic maintenance, give us a call. Or, visit us to learn more about our other HVAC services.

We understand that sometimes the situation can turn for the worse even after all your preventive measures. That’s why you can call us for Denver CO emergency furnace repair services.

Denver, Colorado Fun Facts:

  • Denver is the 19th most populous city in the USA.
  • It is the most populous city within a 500-mile radius.
  • In 2016, U.S. News & World Report named Denver as the best place to live in the States.
  • For more fun facts, visit the city’s official page.