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Denver CO Force Boiler

When you’re looking for a new boiler, a Denver CO Force boiler may be the right one for you. Most homes or office spaces have a furnace or boiler, keeping the interior warm. Of the two, boilers tend to be quieter, more efficient, and more comfortable to have. However, boilers tend to start showing their age around 15 to 20 years, like furnaces.

Denver CO Force Boiler

Torreys Peak Mechanical can help you with the installation of your Denver CO Force Boiler.

Once your old boiler starts breaking or wearing down, it’s time to think about your next boiler. And PROSELECT’s Force boiler is an excellent starting point in your search. There’s a myriad of reasons why our technicians recommend choosing a Force boiler since these boilers are top-of-the-line. And, these boilers come in three different types: gas-fired water boilers, oil-fired water boilers, and gas-fired steam boilers.

So, where do the technicians with Torreys Peak Mechanical come into the picture? Although Torreys Peak Mechanical doesn’t offer boilers, our technicians can repair or install your new Force boiler system for you. We have 30 years of experience with various HVAC systems, and we can easily set up your new boiler. Call now to schedule an appointment or ask for a consultation.

The Different Types of Denver CO Force Boiler

As mentioned before, there are three different variants of PROSELECT Force boilers. You can split them into two main categories like your typical boilers: water boiler and steam boiler. There are two different types of Force water boilers and one steam boiler. The main difference between the two water boilers is the power source.

Force Water Boilers: Gas-Fired and Oil-Fired

Unlike forced air systems, like furnaces, a Denver CO Force boiler uses water to heat the interior of your home or office. And although its name is a “boiler,” the water doesn’t actually boil. The boiler heats the water to a certain high temperature and sends it via pipes throughout your house. The hot water goes from the pipes to baseboard heaters, radiators, coils, or radiant heating floor systems.

The more common type between the two is gas-fired boilers since natural gas is more convenient and readily available. Usually, oil-fired boilers are more common in cities and communities where natural gas is hard to come by, like up in the Northeast. However, that doesn’t stop oil-fired boilers from being an option for us here in Denver.

Of the two, oil-fired boilers are more efficient. However, the trade-off is that you need to purchase the oil for your boiler upfront since it’s not part of your standard utilities. On the other hand, gas-fired boilers offer better heat output and have more flexibility and control.

Force Steam Boilers: Gas-Fired

Denver CO Force Boiler

Our technicians can handle more than your boiler’s installation.

The Force steam boilers essentially work the same way the water boilers are. However, instead of heated water flowing through the pipes, hot steam flows through the system instead. And like other steam boilers, different types require different power sources, although the Force version is gas-powered.

Force steam boilers operate at higher temperatures than water boilers since they need to create enough steam to heat your home. Because of that point, steam boilers are less efficient than their water counterparts. That’s why you tend to see more steam boilers in older homes and buildings. However, with advancements in technology, you can find highly efficient versions of anything now, including the Force steam boiler.

Like the other Force boilers, their steam boiler is more efficient than its predecessors and can properly heat your home to the warmth and coziness you want and need. Not to mention, these boilers are gas-fired, so they’re easier to operate and care for than your typical boiler.

Choose Torreys Peak Mechanical for Your Boiler Installation and Repairs

Once your old boiler breaks down, it’s time to choose your next boiler system. That’s why our technicians recommend PROSELECT’s Force boiler. Each one offers high efficiency and has different power sources, which gives you more options. If you decide on a Force boiler, we can take it from there and handle your heating installation.

When it comes to your heating, cooling, or ventilation system, you won’t find professionals more knowledgeable than those at Torreys Peak Mechanical. We have 30 years of handling a variety of HVAC systems. We can install your next heating and cooling system, including the Force boilers and water heaters. Or, if you need repairs or maintenance on your current Force boiler system, our technicians can handle that too.

So, how can you tell when you need a new or a few basic repairs? The crux of it is when you weigh the options and notice your boiler needs repairs too frequently, which warrants a new one. However, if you notice that your boiler is still okay and it only really needs the occasional repair to work again, then you don’t need to buy a new one yet. When it comes down to it, the best option is whichever one saves you money.

Contact Us to Install or Repair Your Denver Force Boiler

Denver CO Force Boiler

Torreys Peak Mechanical is an HVAC company that you can trust.

Boilers are an excellent way to warm the interior of your home or office building. They’re efficient at warming your rooms without the added dryness that furnaces bring. Like furnaces, they have various power sources, so you can choose the one that works best with your home or community. If you have issues deciding on one, our technicians can give you suggestions and advice.

One of the ones they’ll mention is PROSELECT’s Force boiler. These boilers are highly efficient and come in three different versions. You won’t go wrong with looking at these boilers first. Whether you choose one of the Force boilers or another type of heating system, we can handle the boiler’s installation and future repairs.

Torreys Peak Mechanical is your hotspot for answers if you have questions about your heating system. Although we don’t offer heating systems ourselves, our technicians have the experience and expertise of installing and repairing them to answer your concerns. So, call us today to learn more or visit our location. We can take care of your Denver CO Force boiler for you.

Denver, Colorado Fun Facts:

  • Before the territory of Colorado was formed, the Denver area was part of Eastern Kansas territory.
  • Eventually, Denver was incorporated as a city in 1861.
  • Its original name was “Denver City,” but after it became an official city, the name was shortened to “Denver.”
  • For more information, visit Denver’s official page.