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Denver CO Furnace Contractors

Are you looking for Denver CO furnace contractors? Torreys Peak Mechanical can help you repair and install furnaces when you need them. He can offer you professional and honest contract work. We give you a free quote, and we won’t start work until you approve the pricing. So give us a call or visit us when you need Denver CO furnace contractors.

Denver CO Furnace Insulation

Call Torreys Peak Mechanical when you need Denver CO furnace contractors.

Denver CO Furnace Contractors

Looking for a contractor for furnace installations often takes a lot of time. Plus, you can not always tell if someone truly has the qualifications that are needed to do the job correctly. When you call Torreys Peak Mechanical, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

We have built up over thirty years of experience in HVAC repairs (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). All our technicians and mechanics are fully insured and licensed. Being a family-owned business, we are sure to be respectful in your home and your family.

We have also kept up with the constant changing of technology. So whether you have an old furnace or a new one, we can install and repair any furnace you need. We can offer our services for both residential and commercial spaces.

We even repair and install boilers as well. Our hours of operation are from Monday through Friday from seven in the morning to five in the evening. While we are closed on the weekends, we understand that you, too, are professionals that work during these hours.

We are willing to work with you on when would be a good time to come to your home and repair your furnace or anything else you may need.

Furnace Installations

Denver CO Furnace Insulation

We offer professional and efficient installations for commercial and residential installations.

Furnaces are not something that gets replaced very often. With the right amount of preventative maintenance, good quality could last you at least twenty years, if not longer. A long-lasting furnace often depends on the quality and how well it has been maintained.

However, replacing a furnace is inevitable no matter how well you take care of it. So when the time comes to get a new furnace, you want someone that can do the job correctly the first time.

Moreover, many people do not realize their furnace needs replacing until they are ready to use it in the wintertime. This is typically not the time you want to be without heat for very long. So not only do people want quality service, they want efficient service.

Torreys Peak Mechanical is the perfect contractor to get what you need fast. With over thirty years of experience, we have learned how important it is to get what people need the most when they need it most. We can also do regularly scheduled maintenance to help keep your new furnace running properly when you need it the most.

Furnace Repairs

While many people don’t think about it much, a furnace needs regular maintenance. A furnace may only be used for half the year. That portion of the year, your furnace is probably constantly running. Much like your car, if something gets used constantly for a period of time, it will need repairs eventually.

If you are uncertain if your furnace needs repairs, you may give us a call, and we can take a look at it for you. We offer tune-up services that will keep your furnace running smoothly, so you never need to be concerned about whether or not your furnace will start up during the cold seasons. However, there are some signs you can watch out for if and when your furnace ever does need repairs.

Strange Noises

Needing repairs are going to be inevitable. However, in the event of unexpected repairs, there are ways that you can tell something is wrong. One of the signs is storage sounds.

Many appliances make strange noises when something is wrong. Have you ever heard a speaking noise from your car when you hit your brake? That’s typically a good indication your brakes need repairing.

The same goes for your furnace. If your furnace is making a banging, clunking, or rattling sound, that means something needs to be fixed. Sometimes your furnace will make this type of noise if it is the first time you have turned it on in a while.

You can wait to see if it subsides and works itself out. However, this type of sound persists, we recommend giving us a call. It is always better to be safe and find out nothing is wrong than to have your furnace die on you in the middle of winter.

Water Leaks

If your furnace is leaking water, this is a pretty good indication that something is wrong. Leaks may seem like a huge problem; however, oftentimes, it could just mean there is a clog somewhere. It could be from condensation getting clogged somewhere or an internal draining problem.

While bigger issues can cause your furnace to leak, it does not always mean that it is a huge problem. So if this is happening to your furnace, give us a call. It may be a simpler fix than you may think.

Your Energy Bill Increasing

If you take a look at your energy bill and notice that your bill has increased significantly, this could be a signal that something needs to be repaired. It could just be because you are using it more. However, it shouldn’t be a massive jump.

You know how much your bill typically should be even when you are using your furnace more often. If your bill seems higher than it should be, give us a call, and we can help you figure out if it’s your furnace or not.

Strange Smells

A furnace should not let off the smell of gas or burn at any time. So if you are experiencing odd smells when you walk by your furnace, give us a call immediately. This is not something you want to allow to go on for long periods.

If you have a carbon monoxide alarm and it goes off, please do not ignore it. Carbon monoxide is odorless, so you won’t be able to detect it. This is extremely dangerous.

We ask you to take the necessary precautions and give us a call when you need Denver CO furnace contractors and we will handle it from there.

Denver CO Furnace Insulation

If you smell gas or burning, please do not hesitate to call us immediately for repairs.

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