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Denver CO Hot Water Boiler

Is your Denver CO hot water boiler not functioning the way it’s supposed to? This is a problem that you might be having if your boiler is old or something has malfunctioned. If you’re having trouble keeping your water hot when you’re taking a shower or using hot water from the sink, then you want to get that checked out.

When you notice something like this, the best thing to do is not to wait it out. Waiting might cause even more damage to your boiler, and that is something that can always be avoided. Instead, what you want to do is have a professional check it out. This might be something that you might be avoiding because you’re afraid of what they might say, but the reality is getting it checked out is what you want to do.

In that case, you now want to find a residential and commercial HVAC company to check it out. This might seem like a hassle because there are so many in the area, but we know the perfect one. Torreys Peak Mechanical is the company that you want to rely on to give you full service on your water heater in Denver.

Take the time to read about the different boiler service options available to you. Then when you’re ready, call on our team, and they can come in to examine the situation. When they are done, they will give you their assessment and let you know which boiler service they recommend.

Denver CO hot water boiler

Have our technicians at Torreys Peak Mechanical perform a Denver CO hot water boiler service.

Denver CO Hot Water Boiler Service Options

At Torreys Peak Mechanical, we render two different boiler services. The first service is a boiler repair, and the second is an installation. These are both completely different services, and depending on what is wrong with your boiler at the time, that will determine which assistance you’ll need.

Many don’t know that their boiler and hot water heater are the same things. They just have different names. Your builder heats up water that is then transferred to the rest of the home. So, if you are getting little to no hot water at all, then you want to get that checked out.

We want you to think about the problems that you’re having with your boiler. Does it seem like your boiler just needs a repair, or it needs to be completely replaced? This might be a question you can easily answer on your own. But if you are not sure, you can get the advice of an HVAC professional.

There are certain details that indicate if your boiler can be repaired or if it is beyond repair and needs to be replaced. But there are ways to avoid the latter. The same way you perform maintenance services on your vehicle is the same way you can perform them on your boiler.

A professional will come in from time to time and check out how your boiler is functioning. During this time, if something looks like it’s on the verge of causing damage, they can quickly catch it on time and get it fixed. If it is beyond repair, they’ll let you know what the next steps are in terms of replacing and installing.

Water Heater Repair

There are different types of water heaters, and this is important to know during a repair. The first one is the combi boiler, also known as a tankless water heater. Secondly, we have the conventional boiler. Both of these differ in terms of the way that they function, but they essentially perform the same tasks.

Depending on which kind of boiler you have, this is what determines the kind of repair you’ll need. In addition to finding out the actual problem. But it is important to know that if your water heater needs to be repaired, it is very likely that it may have been giving you signs beforehand.

Some of the most common “repair needed” signs include strange sounds, water leaks, strange smells, and a significantly higher heating bill. If you notice any of these signs or multiple signs simultaneously, you want to call a technician. The earlier you call for a repair, the better. And you should know that our repairs are done as soon as they can.

Denver CO hot water boiler

Save on your energy bills with a new hot water boiler.

Water Heater Installation

In the case that the technician comes in a tells you that you need a new water heater, that is fine. The great thing about hearing this news is that there are many benefits to having a new boiler installed. Many customers think of getting this news as a negative, but there are many positives.

By getting rid of an older boiler, only positive things can come of that. It is essential to think about the problems that you were having before and the fact that you won’t have those problems anymore. Older boilers use more energy because they are older. So, by getting a new boiler, you save yourself money on your energy bills because it’s using less energy.

In addition to this, newer boilers are smaller in size and do more work. So, you get an energy-efficient system and more space in that area. This is always a plus, especially if your boiler is in a garage or in a place that you can utilize. Also, keep in mind that new boilers come with warranties. So, if something happens, you can get a replacement.

Call on Torreys Peak Mechanical

Now that you know more about your options, it’s time to take some action. Give the best HVAC company in the Denver area a call. Torreys Peak Mechanical comes very highly recommended to our new customers. This is because customer service is an essential part of our general service. So, when you call on our team, trust that your system is in the best hands.

Denver CO hot water boiler

Torreys Peak is the only HVAC company that you should trust.

We want you to know that you can trust the technicians that work with us. They have helped us get the positive reputation we have, and without them, our service isn’t the same. Each technician comes with years of experience, and that is what makes our service even better.

Call us today to get a service done on your Denver CO hot water boiler.

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