Having your furnace inspected and maintained can feel like a chore. But it’s actually vitally important, and it’s in your self interest. Not only can old, rickety and rusty furnaces eat through fuel faster than a fat man through hot dogs, but they can be a health hazard.

So stop putting it off! It’s time to have your furnaces inspected, Denver, and here are all the reasons why.

Furnace inspection Denver

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Furnace inspection Denver: Avoid loss of heat during winter

The purpose of furnace inspection is obvious. If you have a qualified technician examine your boiler or furnace, they can detect any faults before they have a chance to stop your home heating from grinding to a halt. During summer, this is unlikely to happen- after all, you won’t be using your furnace. Any faults are likely to rear their ugly heads during winter, or in other words, right when you need your furnace!

You can avoid this problem altogether by having a technician inspect your furnace at the end of fall, just before you’re going to need it. That way, any faults will be found, and fixed. Or, if the worst comes to the worst, you can replace your furnace or boiler just in time for the cold snap. That’s why we recommend having your furnace checked regularly, because faults don’t normally occur in the blink of an eye. They’re usually a combination of an environmental factor, plus a lack of maintenance.

Furnace inspection Denver: Furnace inspections cost far less than replacement

So aside from it being exceedingly irritating having to have your furnace replaced in the winter… It’s also far more expensive! Furnace inspection typically costs around $75, depending on the time it takes to inspect your system. But replacing your furnace completely can cost north of three or four thousand dollars. That’s because the furnace itself will cost around $1000 to $1500. Installation will cost around the same, and even a little more. So having any faults spotted before they become a major problem, at the cost of less than a hundred dollars, is well worth it.

Furnace inspection Denver: Keep your furnace efficient and in tip-top condition

Regular furnace inspections aren’t just for spotting faults, though. Not only can you avoid your furnace or boiler breaking down, but you can keep it working at maximum efficiency. This will save you money in the long run. That’s because having an inefficient furnace means that you’re throwing money away every time you use it! This could be because heat is escaping from the furnace or the vents, or because the fuel you’re using isn’t the best around. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ways that your furnace might be operating at below-optimal capacity.

This is the kind of stuff that a trained professional can spot almost immediately when they inspect your furnace. They can recommend tips for you to follow on your own, or they could recommend repair or replacement, based on your problem. This can stop a problem getting worse, and stop you burning money into smoke every time you use your furnace.

Furnace inspection Denver: Having a damaged or overworked furnace can be a health hazard

And having a damaged furnace doesn’t just mean that it won’t work as well as it could. Having a damaged furnace means that you might be putting your health at risk. A damaged or leaking furnace can actually spread fire if it’s surrounded by boxes, or anything that’s flammable, which is often the case down in the basement. Needless to say, that’s a major health hazard! Try not to surround your furnace with too many flammable boxes, and pieces of old furniture! It can pose a potential fire risk. Not to mention it stops you from being able to even see the thing!

But your furnace can also be a source of carbon monoxide. The burning of any fuel can produce fumes like these, containing not just carbon monoxide, but all sorts of nasty toxins. Having a furnace spewing out these fumes would be like leaving the car running in your garage. In other words, it’s not a good idea! We recommend two things: regular inspections, which can stop these problems at the source, and having a carbon monoxide alarm installed (if you don’t have one already). It could save your life.

Furnace inspection Denver: you’re letting us do what we love!

Last, but not least, HVAC inspection, maintenance and repair is the foundation of our business. It’s what we do every day for our customers in the Denver, CO area. It’s what we’re good at, and it’s our passion. And we bring that attitude to every single job we’re called to, whether you want us to inspect your furnace or replace it completely. That’s why we’ve been successful over the years. And it’s what we plan to keep on doing.

So when you’re getting in touch to arrange an inspection, you’re not just saving yourself money and preventing your furnace from breaking down. You’re letting us fulfil our passion, and do what we love. So even if you don’t think you need a furnace inspection, why not consider booking one just for us?