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Lakewood CO Boiler

Torreys Peak Mechanical has made it, so your boiler never causes you a problem ever again, and it starts with our Lakewood CO boiler. Yes, you read that correctly; you no longer have to deal with those annoying water leaks or that spike in your heating bill that leaves you confused and heartbroken. Instead, you can seek assistance from our outstanding technicians, who will provide you with the installation and repair services you deserve. The ingenuity of our equipment will make it seem like those problems never even existed.

There is no team more qualified in Lakewood to provide you with these services. In fact, we have over three decades worth of experience in this industry and are experts in everything heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). So, you can be sure that not only will your water be warm with our help, but also your entire family. In addition, each of our technicians is certified and brings their own unique experiences to the table.

Our services are made to ensure our clients get the best possible service in Colorado. Our licensed professionals are the best of the best; they even make sure to be courteous with our clients and timely with our services. We also tailor our installations and repairs based on our client’s specifications, so they’ll get exactly what they need, nothing less.

We provide our services for those in need, whether this is in your homes or in a commercial space. Our specialists are also in the know about old and new units so they can repair any boiler you have. So, explore our services even more to take a deeper dive into what your home deserves. You won’t be disappointed with the work we will provide to you.

Lakewood CO boiler

Our Lakewood CO boiler is top-of-the-line. See if what you need is an upgrade or our repairing services below.

Lakewood CO Boiler

For those who don’t know the importance of a boiler, then this is the section for you. A boiler is used to heat fluid (typically water) and can use its steam to heat your home. This is such a crucial component of HVAC that some people seem to neglect. Then, when their shower water feels like they’re in Antarctica, they won’t know what to do.

Thankfully, Torreys Peak Mechanical will make sure that this never happens. Our Lakewood CO boiler is the highest quality boiler you will come into contact with. They are energy efficient, will help you save money, and won’t cause you headaches.

You can learn more about this service of ours below. This more in-depth look into our repair and installation services will have you ready for an upgrade as soon as possible. So, don’t wait any longer and get the help you deserve.


Now, there are many issues you may face that will lead you to our repair services. These issues include hearing strange noises, having water leaks, smelling something strange, and more. Boilers are known to make noises, mainly depending on the unit’s age and model. However, if you hear any whistling noise or clunking sound, then your best bet is to seek Torreys Peak Mechanical.

If you smell something strange coming from your boiler, then you should immediately shut it off and call us for help. Smelling burned metal or plastic means that your boiler might be overheating. And you might have a gas leak if you smell a rotten egg odor coming from your boiler. You can be sure that with our help, all of these issues will be no longer.

You also won’t have to deal with a random spike in your heating bill, which no one enjoys. If you have experienced this, then it might have to do with your system operating at less than maximum efficiency. Your furnace might have to use more fuel to warm your home than usual, which causes an abnormal spike in payment. However, if you are 100% sure that your boiler is beyond repairs, then we got just the thing for you.

Lakewood CO boiler

It doesn’t matter if you have to repair or install; you can be sure that our team has you covered every step of the way.


Our installation services can provide you with a brand new state-of-the-art boiler. We provide the latest addition and high-quality equipment, especially with our boilers. So, you will have all the beneficial aspects that experts clamor for when searching for an upgrade. These benefits include having more space, wasting less energy, reliability, and saving you money.

Now, buying something to save money may sound redundant, but this proves to be true in the long run. This is the case because older units waste more energy and spend more of your hard-earned dollars in return. Speaking of energy, technology is so great nowadays that we don’t have to waste energy needlessly. Our newer designs use the necessary energy efficiently.

The newer designs are also smaller in comparison to their predecessors, which saves you so much more space. It is also less noisy, which means you no longer have to wake up in the middle of the night in fright from the sudden noise. And lastly, this newer design doesn’t require steady repairs and maintenance due to issues constantly coming about. So, you can sit back and relax in comfort while saving money in the process.

Lakewood CO boiler

Torreys Peak Mechanical is just the team you need, so give us a call as soon as possible.

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As you can tell, Torreys Peak Mechanical is the most reliable HVAC company in all of Colorado. Our unparalleled services are exactly what you need, but you don’t have to stop it with our boiler installations. Explore our many services, including our furnace repairs and installations. These two services are our most popular services and have made families all over the state as happy as can be.

You, too, can benefit from our furnaces and bring warmth into your home during the harsh season. Please don’t wait any longer, and give our team a call to experience this greatness firsthand. We are available every weekday between the hours of  7 AM to 5 PM. Your Lakewood CO boiler is here for you, so don’t wait any longer.

Lakewood, Colorado, Fun Facts

  • Lakewood is the most populous municipality in Jefferson County.
  • We were founded back in 1889.
  • The recorded population back in 2019 was 155,146.
  • Learn more about Lakewood, Colorado.