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Littleton CO Furnace Repair Near Me

Are you searching for Littleton CO furnace repair near me? Torreys Peak Mechanical is the company you need to call. We are a fully licensed HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) contracting company. We can help with both commercial and residential spaces.

Our hours of operation are from Mondays to Fridays from seven in the morning until five in the evening. We are located at 2450 Lewis St. in Lakewood, Colorado. Torreys Peak Mechanical is the best company to help you with your ventilation repairs and installations.

When you call us, you know you are getting the best. Don’t wait, and call us Torreys Peak Mechanical when you need Littleton CO furnace repair near me.

Littleton CO furnace repair near me

Cal Torreys Peak Mechanical when you need a Littleton CO furnace repair near me.

Littleton CO furnace repair near me

As the winter draws near, making sure your space is adequately heated is essential. Your home and workspace will need to be kept at a reasonable temperature the colder it gets. However, a furnace is not something we use all the time.

We only need it when it starts to get cold. Therefore, we may not notice that our furnace needs repairs until it is too late. By that time, we might be rushing to find a contractor.

There is no shortage of contractors out there. However, finding one that delivers is the difficult part. When you call Torreys Peak Mechanical, you won’t have to worry about the quality of work. It will be guaranteed that you will be getting your money’s worth.

Torreys Peak Mechanical offers thirty years of experience in this particular field. Calling for a good contractor can be time-consuming and frustrating. Shopping around for quotes and trying to make sure they are qualified can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for.

Torreys Peak Mechanical has all the qualifications you are looking for in a contractor. We can offer you written quotes, so you know what you will be paying for before we start working. All our mechanics and technicians are certified and insured.

Our staff is friendly and always professional. We love what we do and always put our best into every job we’re given, no matter how big or small it is. You can count on Torreys Peak Mechanical to help you get your furnace up and running again. We can also repair and install your boiler

Signs for Needed Repair

Our furnace is not something we use all the time. Therefore, we are not always aware of any possible repairs it may need. The thing is, our furnace needs regular maintenance, just like anything else we use.

Just like our vehicles need regular maintenance, our furnaces will have parts to replace after a while as well. Additionally, much like many things we use, our furnace can oftentimes show signs of needed repairs when it is time.

Your furnace can show different signs depending on what needs to be fixed. Here are a few things to watch out for, especially if you are just now turning on your furnace for the winter.

Odd Sounds

You know how your car will make a screeching sound when it’s time to change your brakes? Well, your furnace does a similar thing. If you hear a rattling, banging, or even groaning sound, it is possible that your furnace needs some kind of maintenance.

Your furnace will always make a noise while it is running. If you hear a humming or whirring sound, this is typically normal. Your fridge might make a similar sound.

However, if it sounds like something beating or shaking inside your furnace, give us a call. It is possible the sounds go subside and work itself out, especially if it is the first time you are turning it on since last winter. If the sounds continue, though, we recommend you give us a call.

Littleton CO furnace repair near me

If you are smelling gas or burning, call us immediately after taking the necessary precautions.

Water Leaks

Water around your furnace is usually a good indication that something is wrong. These signs don’t necessarily mean something major is wrong. It could just be a clog in the internal draining system.

You could be seeing condensation build-up. These fixes are pretty simple, but that doesn’t mean you should leave it. Problems like this can only get worse, causing greater problems down the line.

Moreover, heat and moisture can cause mold and mildew to build up in your walls and under your floors. Do yourself a favor can give us a call as soon as you can. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Increasing Bills

While a higher energy bill doesn’t always mean something is wrong, it could be a subtle sign. If your bill suddenly goes up significantly since you’ve been using your furnace, there is a chance something is wrong. For the most part, energy bills stay relatively the same for the most part.

There might be a little variation, but for the most part, you know how much you are spending on energy. So if you look at your bill and it seems to have increased way more than you are used to, it could be due to your furnace. It will work harder if there is something wrong, thus using more energy. Give Torreys Peak Mechanical, and we can check out the problem for you.

Weird Smells

Your furnace shouldn’t be smelling weird. You might smell a faint burning smell if it is the first time you are turning it on for the season. That is normal. All that is is dust and dirt being burned off when your furnace heats up.

However, the odor should go away relatively shortly. If it doesn’t and your smell something burning, or even gas-like, give us a call immediately. If you have a carbon monoxide alarm and it goes off, your furnace might be the culprit.

Carbon monoxide is odorless, so please do not ignore this sign. Please take the necessary precautions and call us immediately. This problem could be extremely dangerous and could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if left alone for too long. This could then lead to severe health problems and even death.

Don’t wait to get your furnace fixed. Give Torreys Peak Mechanical a call when you look for Littleton CO furnace repair near me.

Littleton CO furnace repair near me

All our mechanics and techs are certified and insured.

Fun Facts for Littleton, CO

  • It was named after Richard Little
  • The total population is 45,652
  • It was settled in 1862