For anyone living in Denver, you’ll no doubt be used to the climate by now. Colorado is home to some rather strange weather, which makes preparing your household for it all a little tough. To get past Summer through to Winter, you need Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, or HVAC! In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why HVAC repair Denver is so important.

HVAC systems do go through a lot during the year. Whether it’s to heat up your home, or cool it down in the Summer, your HVAC system will be operational most of the year. When an AC unit or furnace breaks down, you’ll be stuck up a certain creek without a paddle. To avoid complete breakdowns, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance and long-term care. As sturdy as these systems are, they are not invulnerable. As such, over time they begin to degrade and lose their original efficiency and power. This can lead to higher energy bills and all manner of frustrating problems.

So, why should anyone in Denver go out of their way to keep their HVAC unit operational and safe? Let’s take a look at why repair matters, what your experience will be like if you call out a contractor, and why we’re your perfect fit.

HVAC repair Denver

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Why HVAC Repair Denver Matters

  • For one, repairs matter because without repairs you’re putting yourself at risk. HVAC units collect a lot of dirt, debris and muck over the years. Not only does this limit performance, but it makes your the air blowing around your house dusty and dirty. That cannot be good for the quality of your living!
  • At the same time, an HVAC unit that does not get repairs costs you more money. It is that simple. As it becomes clogged and broken down, you pay more money in your energy bills over time from lost efficiency. You think repairs will cost too much? Poor efficiency will cost you so much more over time.
  • Also, HVAC repairs reduce the likelihood of fire and other problems. With all of that build-up inside you can find that your home is at risk of becoming a fire hazard.

And last but not least, if you don’t keep your AC or furnace in good health, you’ll have to pay through the nose for a replacement sooner or later. It’s better, and less wasteful, simply to keep it maintained and repaired.

What HVAC Repair Denver Entails

So, a typical HVAC repair will usually begin with a look at the integrity of the unit as it stands: is it falling apart? Are there any loose screws, or loose components? Are any seals in good health, and are the filters relatively clean? With a clear examination of the ducting and the systems themselves, our contractors can get a clear idea of what the problem is. Diagnosis is the key first step. After all, if you went to the doctor with a health complaint, you’d want them to diagnose you first- wouldn’t you?

Cracks, dents and loose fittings tend to make up a lot of HVAC repair jobs. Structural problems cause a loss of heat (or cool air, as the case may be) from the outset. As such, if your AC unit or furnace is less efficient than it used to be then this may be the reason why. Leaks are a sign of damage such as this. These problems will then be corrected or, if necessary, the parts completely replaced. Smaller parts can be easily replaced, then and there. Small screws and seals, nuts and bolts and the like are easy to source. Our contractors keep a selection available for any job. If the problem is more serious, your contractor may have to source the part before they can install it. This will mean that your repair will take longer than anticipated.

Add in the fact that HVAC systems tend to be clogged with dirt, too, so at the same time as other repairs our contractors can replace your filter. By cleaning out the mess inside and making sure that all vents and other sections are clean, your AC or furnace will be able to work efficiently without blowing dirty air around your home. Our contractors like to leave your house as they found it, and offer as complete a repair as possible.

HVAC Repair Denver: Repairing Sooner Rather than Later

One of the worst mistakes you can make is leave your HVAC repairs until next year. It’s easy to make excuses, but you’re not saving money. You’re spending far more in the long run, if anything. It’s a simple choice. If you choose to not carry out repairs now, what is a minor issue with efficiency could become a full-blown hazard. With Torreys Peak Mechanical, you don’t need to wait weeks for repairs. We can handle the repair process quickly so that you can spend more time at home enjoying the heating (or cooling!) you need.

So what do you think? Is your furnace or air conditioner unit on the fritz, and are you looking for HVAC repair Denver that won’t break the bank? And contractors that will treat your house and your family with respect? Well, you’re in the right place. Torreys Peak Mechanical we take pride in our HVAC repair service. So let us do what we do best, so that you can get back to what you do best: whatever that might be! Give us a call today, or contact us through our website contact page.