For anyone living in Denver, you’ll likely realize the importance of keeping warm. Staying warm in the winter is a major challenge! Although Denver is a wonderful place to live, if your furnace breaks that can quickly change. In a bid to help you get over that problem, then, you should get a Rheem furnace. Rheem furnaces are reliable, affordable and very easy for you to maintain. And we offer Rheem furnace repair Denver residents can rely on!

Should something go wrong, though, it can leave you in the lurch. This is why having access to Rheem furnace repair matters so much. If you call out our qualified repair team, it pays to know what to expect while they work. So, what should you expect when a Rheem furnace repair technician in Denver comes round?

Rheem furnace repair Denver

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Rheem furnace repair Denver: You don’t need to replace your Rheem Furnace!

Before we move on to what you should expect… We’d like to point out how you should almost always consider repairing your Rheem furnace rather than replacing it!

One of the main reasons that many people choose to use a Rheem furnace is dependability. Rheem furnaces deliver a very long, impressive lifespan. Here are a few reasons why you should consider repairing your Rheem furnace before having it replaced.

  • Cheaper-brand furnaces can be hard to install right. Problems crop up all the time in the short-term due to installation complications and workarounds. The Rheem furnace systems, though, are designed to be much more versatile and reliable. This means that repair and replacement is far more efficient than having a lower-quality replacement installed, even if it is new.
  • Problems with Rheem furnaces can be easily diagnosed by experts, too, Rheem furnaces use an LED display. This makes sure that specific error codes can be found to get a direct link to what is causing the problems in the first place. Other furnaces can be like a puzzle; Rheem, though, is super-simple for our professionals to correct.
  • Rheem furnaces are among the quietest solutions on the market. They use a patented heat exchanger that reduces the sound of operation by one fifth. Other, cheaper furnaces can clank and clang; the Rheem furnace brand is nearly-silent!
  • The sheer durability of Rheem’s models ensures that they will last for many years. If looked after, and with semi-regular maintenance from our team you can get all the help that you need to have a long-lasting furnace. Don’t put up with poor performance with your furnace; Rheem offers durability and versatility equally.

Rheem furnace repair Denver: What Does Repair Require?

The first thing that you’ll have to do is check whether you’re in warranty or not. Most of the time, Rheem furnaces will be covered with a repair warranty. That warranty, however, does vary significantly. A technician will be able to tell if your Rheem furnace is in valid warranty or not. As you might imagine, that can be very useful for helping you to make up your mind on what to do!

So, you should look to check the warranty of your current Rheem furnace. If you do not have a Rheem furnace or you have just bought one, then be sure to register it with Rheem themselves. Otherwise, contact the local supplier whom you purchased your Rheem furnace from. So long as they can verify the purchase, you should be able to claim your warranty back.

Of course, we can still repair a Rheem furnace which doesn’t have warranty. But you will have to pay for the repairs yourself.  Repair tends to require an internal inspection of the hardware as well as a full appraisal of the body work. Even minor problems can be the cause of the break-down. From bodywork damage causing a problem along the line to a lack of efficiency through build-up of debris, many reasons can exist for Rheem repairs.

Nine times out of ten, repair will be enough to help solve the problem. Rheem furnaces are made to withstand huge amounts of pressure and stress over the years. For that reason, it pays to invest as much time into repair as you can. Replacement can be managed, too, but is often a time-consuming and expensive job- more on that later. You should therefore look to have your repair carried out by professionals like ourselves who understand Rheem furnaces. 

Rheem furnace repair Denver: Do I Need Repairs or Replacements?

Should you go for a minor repair that could see your Rheem furnace continue? Or should you replace it with a whole new version? Naturally, it can be quite hard to determine what works best. The main issue is that you first need to have some kind of furnace repair inspection carried out. Outside of the most severe issues, you cannot tell if replacement or repair is necessary until later on down the line.

Therefore, you should look to hire a technician to come and take a look. They can see what the damage is and whether or not repair will be possible. Some Rheem furnaces will, after a long period of time, be better replaced than repaired. Generally, a furnace which is older than fifteen years old should be replaced rather than repaired. This is because any repair is likely only to be enough to keep your furnace running for another year, before more repairs are necessary.

Still unsure? Why not get in touch? Our friendly office receptionist would be happy to answer any questions you might have. And our technicians can offer advice on whether to repair or replace your Rheem furnace. So call if you would like to know more!