We rely on our Air Conditioning units to keep us cool during the summer months. And we rarely think about their functionality – until it goes out. It’s one of those, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone” type deals. And with AC units – you definitely notice what you had once it stops working. This is why it is so important to consider making annual service calls. The best time to make them? Pre-season. And even better? Aim for a day that is 65 degrees or lower. That way you can make any necessary repairs before the hot weather hits. But what should you expect from Wheat Ridge AC repair and maintenance checkups?

Wheat Ridge AC repair

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Step 1: Checking the outside of the unit

The first step is to perform checks and maintenance on the outside of your AC unit. During this process the technician will not only check the unit for dust and debris, but will also clean it off. They will also check to make sure that the unit has the proper pressure and temperature by connecting special gauges. Oil will be added to any oil ports. And all electrical connections will be checked to make sure they are secure and in good condition.

Step 2: Cleaning the inside of the machine

Let’s be realistic – most of the outside checks you can do on your own. After all, its not that difficult to clean off your machine or check wires. But where you will really need a technician is when you start checking out the inside of the unit. Like the outside, the technician will also check the inside for dust and debris. They will also check it for mold. This is a common problem in HVAC units and can lead to health concerns within the home. If your technician finds any mold they will deal with it immediately.

If necessary, the Wheat Ridge AC repair technician will also install a new air filter. Unfortunately, many people often overlook the importance of air filters. But the truth is that dirty filters can cause a variety of issues with your AC unit. Not only can dirty filters cause restricted air flow, but they can also lead to decreased efficiency. The result? Larger electrical bills! Not only that, but to the surprise of many, dirty filters can cause an AC unit to break down altogether. And that is a bill you do not want to deal with! So having your technician check your filter can do nothing but benefit you!

While inside the HVAC system your technician will also check all operation components. Fan blowers, gas connections (if necessary), and the condensate drain are all things that the technician will check.

Step 3: The Thermostat

When things go wrong with the air conditioning, many people often forget that the thermostat could be the cause of the issue – so a technician will check that too! Not only will they check to make sure that the thermostat is functioning properly, but they can also discuss alternative options with you. If you have an older thermostat, more modern options can help you to save on energy. And there are even some versions that you can control with your smart phone so you can set it while you are away!

Step 4: Paperwork

Before your Wheat Ridge AC Repair technician leaves, make sure you get all the proper paperwork. The first thing you should receive is a written report stating all checks have been successfully  completed. It should also state any necessary repairs that were made. Make sure you hold onto this report. Many warranties require annual checkups to maintain validity. In return, you will want to keep this report as proof of checkup in case anything should ever go wrong. Your paperwork should also show any recommendations for future repairs or necessary maintenance jobs.

While we cannot speak for all companies, most reputable companies will also provide you paperwork for a service guarantee. This guarantee will hold the company accountable for their work/products, and will help to protect you if anything should go awry in the near future.

In addition to having regular maintenance checks, there are other things that you can do to ensure the functionality of your AC unit. Here are some tips to help keep your unit in tip-top shape between checkups:

  • Remember that air filter that we talked about before? The one that so many people overlook? STOP overlooking it. Air filters are essential to the functionality of your AC unit. They only take two minutes to check, and a quick check could save you loads of money in the long run. If you want to ensure a health AC unit, take two minutes to do this check once a month. Hold your filter up to the light. If you can’t see through it, it’s time for a new one.
  • Open and clean your vents. If you want to avoid calling in a Wheat Ridge AC Repair technician, stop listening to rumours! What rumours are we talking about? The ones that tell you, “you can save money by keeping your vents closed”. This is not true! In fact, leaving your vents closed can cause a pressure buildup in your system, leading to system overload and failure. And surely this is not a cheap repair! So keep your vents open. And while your opening them, give them a good cleaning too so debris doesn’t enter your ductwork.

Give Us a Call!

Finally, if you suspect a problem, call a Torreys Peak Mechanical. Not only can we answer any questions you may have, but we may be able to solve your problem without even sending a technician. Many HVAC repairs can be done without the help of a professional, and Torreys Peak would never charge you for something you could fix yourself. So before you ask us to send someone out, first ask if there’s a simple and safe DIY solution. If you can solve the problem on your own – fantastic! If not, they can send a Wheat Ridge AC repair technician your way. And with Torreys Peak you can always count on professionalism, honesty, and affordability – so yearly maintenance checks won’t become a huge hassle in your life.

We can take a look at your furnace or boiler, too, if you need. And we’re happy to make recommendations if you need an entirely new unit. So give us a call today!