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Denver CO Boiler Tune Up

When it’s time for your Denver CO boiler tune up, you can rely on the professionals at Torreys Peak Mechanical. Boilers are one of the standard heating systems in U.S. homes to make it through the season at home in comfort. When you live in the Denver area, you know that your boiler system is essential for our wintery weather. Ensuring that it’s in good condition before the season starts or gets worse is one way of saving yourself from hardship later.

Denver CO Boiler Tune Up

We offer Denver CO Boiler Tune Up services.

Most hydronic systems, which use boilers and water at the basis of their system, can last at least 15 years with a few repairs along the way. Some can even last up to 30 years with proper and consistent boiler maintenance. And to help with that, we recommend getting a tune-up for your boiler at least once a year.

If you need help with your boiler’s annual tune-up or any other essential maintenance service, Torreys Peak Mechanical’s technicians can handle it. With our experience and expertise, we can handle a wide variety of HVAC systems, including your boiler system. From boiler cleaning services to repairs and the initial boiler installation, we can help you set your boiler right.

Why You Want an Annual Denver CO Boiler Tune Up

There are various benefits in allowing a professional to tune up your boiler. You can think of it as similar to the routine maintenance your car needs. Although your car, or boiler, in this case, can operate without the tune-up, you’ll notice an apparent decrease in efficiency and function. Letting a professional give it a once over every year can prolong your boiler’s lifespan and allow it to last for decades.

Our tune-up service can improve your boiler’s efficiency. Your boiler can accrue issues from constant use, although you may not notice the difference at first. However, if you let it continue long enough, even someone not well-versed in HVAC systems can see the noticeable difference. For example, your energy bill may spike up because your heating system is working harder than necessary.

Not to mention, we’ll also inspect the rest of your boiler system. If we notice anything unusual, we’ll handle it for you, lowering the risk of something happening later or worsening. We can save you from costly repairs further down the line with a tune-up.

We always recommend tuning up your boiler at least once a year. One of the best times for your boiler’s annual tune-up is before the wintery season hits. Of course, we can still help you tune up your boiler even after the cold starts bearing down on us. Call Torreys Peak Mechanical today if you need to tune up your boiler.

What We Include in a Denver Boiler Tune Up

Denver CO Boiler Tune Up

Rely on Torreys Peak Mechanical’s professionals for your boiler’s annual tune-up.

There’s a long laundry list of the specifics we check during your annual Denver CO boiler tune up. However, you can categorize them into three general groups: safety, mechanical parts, and operations. We ensure that every part of your boiler is working as it should so that you can pass the cold season in the warm comforts of your home.

During the tune-up, we’ll conduct safety checks for carbon monoxide and natural gas leaks. We’ll also tighten and inspect all the electrical wiring your boiler has. And, of course, we’ll make sure that all the safety controls and stop-gaps are working and in good condition.

We’ll lubricate all the moving and mechanical parts for your boiler to operate smoothly. Those parts include the upper and lower combustion vents and burners. We’ll also ensure that all parts of your boiler are clean and free of debris and sediments.

Once perform the safety checks and ensure your boiler’s parts are clean and functional, we’ll check its overall operation. We’ll test the ignition and then check the temperature differences for the supply and return registers. We’ll also inspect the thermostat and its contacts to ensure they are working and have proper calibration.

Some Maintenance Tasks that Allow for a Smooth Annual Tune-Up

Of course, an annual tune-up alone cannot allow your boiler to work efficiently. Unlike furnaces, boilers take more maintenance and repairs to keep them operating in their best condition. However, because of that, they’re more efficient and comfortable than most furnace heating systems.

Along with an annual tune-up and major cleaning, you can perform some regular maintenance tasks that will keep your boiler in good condition. For example, you should check the boiler’s water levels weekly. If the water is too low, some parts of your boiler will overheat and become damaged. On the other hand, if there’s too much water, your boiler will waste more energy heating up the water.

While checking the water level, you should also take out some of the water. You can release about a bucketful of water before pouring clean water back up to the appropriate amount. Doing this can reduce the amount of sediment buildup in your boiler’s system.

You should also regularly clean the area around your boiler. Dust and dirt buildup and potentially clog or get into your boiler’s vents and system. If this happens, they can clog up your pipes, lowering your boiler’s efficiency.

Denver CO Boiler Tune Up

We have more than 30 years of experience with HVAC systems.

Torreys Peak Mechanical: Your Local Boiler Experts

Ensuring your heating system is in proper condition is essential in keeping your home warm during the winter season. The professionals at Torreys Peak Mechanical can help with that by annually tuning up your boiler. We can inspect your boiler during this tune-up and make sure all of its parts and functions are in working order. With a tune-up, we can prevent issues from happening before they worsen or catch you at an unideal time.

We have more than 30 years of experience servicing and repairing boilers in the Denver metro area. With our know-how, you can worry less about your boiler acting up during the depths of winter. So call us or visit our location today to learn more about how an annual Denver CO boiler tune up can help your boiler last longer and function more efficiently.

Denver, Colorado Fun Facts:

  • General William Larimer founded Denver in 1858.
  • The city’s original name was “Denver City,” which was the General’s way of currying favor from the Governor of that time.
  • Eventually, the government incorporated the city in 1861, which was also when they shortened the name to Denver.
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