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Furnace Repair

The purpose that a furnace has is to warm the air in a home or commercial space. This is especially important when it comes to keeping warm during the cold weather. The reality is that the furnace needs to be maintained just like other appliances. But the truth is many people forget or just don’t even think about regular maintenance for their furnaces.

With that being said, when it’s time to start it up again, they might find that it is not working. And this is where they are going to need a repair.

Looking for a furnace repair company can sometimes be frustrating. This is because there are so many of them around, and they all claim to be the best. And since you need the furnace to work in whatever space you’re in, you may feel pressed for time to find a company and fast. There is only one company that you should trust to get the job done. That company is Torreys Peak Mechanical.

We are an established HVAC company with more than 30 years of experience. And we can assure you that choosing our company for your furnace repair is the best choice. Our company is glad to be serving customers in the Denver, Colorado area, and we can’t wait to serve you as well.

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Signs that your Furnace Need to be Repaired

As we were saying earlier, your furnace plays a major role in your space. And so, when it’s time for it to be used and you find out it’s not working, you want to get it fixed as soon as possible. There are actually various reasons as to why your furnace might not be working.

We mentioned before that sometimes people forget or don’t consider that their furnace needs to be regularly maintained. This is one of the most common reasons that we see while we are working. Some neglect maintenance, and the furnace gives up. Another reason for a repair is age. Older furnaces tend to have their problems, and that is normal.

But something that all homeowners and commercial space owners should know is that your furnace may have been giving you signs before it broke down. Or maybe you noticed one of the signs, which is why you’re looking for a service.

If you didn’t know that your furnace can give you signs, we are here to give you the top 5 signs that you may get from your furnace.

Repair 1

Strange Noises

You might notice that your furnace might be making a constant whirring sound when it is being used. This is good and just means that the furnace is working properly. But if you begin to hear noises like banging, rattling, or groans from inside your furnace, then this is another sign. You can try to wait for the sounds to subside, but if they don’t then it’s time to contact a professional.

Repair 2

Water Leaks

When you pass your furnace and notice a puddle of water next to it then, it is likely that you have a leak. The leak is most likely from clogged condensation or there might be a clog in the internal draining system. This is not a complicated or complex fix, so you don’t need to worry, but you still want to get it fixed as soon as you can.

Repair 3

Energy Bill Increase

For the most part, you should have an idea of what your energy bill is every month. So, if you get your energy bill and there is a very vivid increase, this might be because of your furnace. Yes, sometimes there is an increase because you might be using it more, but it should not be an intense difference. So, if this is something that you notice, then it is more than likely that you need a repair.

Repair 4

Strange Smells

When you walk around your furnace area on a regular day, there should be no smell coming from the area. Then when you pass a different time you notice that there is an unusual smell coming from the area. If this is something that you is happening to you, then this is a sign that a repair needs to happen. A similar sign is your carbon monoxide alarm goes off. Though you cannot smell carbon monoxide, you do not want this lingering in the because it can be deadly.

When you turn on your furnace and notice that you are getting cold air or uneven heating then a repair is needed. You want to look at if there is a consistent temperature around your home or commercial space. If there are radically different temperatures, then you should get a professional to take a look at it.

Now that you have some of the signs your furnace can give, pay attention to them. If you notice any of them happening, then you can call us at Torreys Peak Mechanical.

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Experience Matters

We like to say that in this industry, experience is something that does matter. Working with HVAC units for more than 30 years is no small thing, and we know that this means a lot to our customers. In this specialization, all the details matter, and we take that into account as we work on customers units.

This also is a testament to knowing that you’re getting a service that you can trust—the experience and quality of service that we give show in all that we do. So, know that with us, you are getting our signature, top-quality service always.

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Trust Our Team

The Torreys Peak Mechanical team is who does all the work, and they are the biggest part of the successes of our services. They all have years of experience that they are working with, and we know that this matters. Keeping up with all the new furnace technology is something that they all do because they understand that this is valuable.

In addition to that, you can trust them to be respectful and friendly the entire time that they are with you. We pride ourselves in knowing that this is just the minimum in terms of our service, so know that you can always expect more from the team.

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