If you’re looking for anything from furnace repair to AC installation, we really believe you should trust us with the job. Why? Because our technicians are the best in town! If you want to work for Torreys Peak Mechanical, only the very best will do. That’s what sets us apart. So here are the five things that make every one of our technicians great!

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Basic and complex mechanical skills

Naturally, HVAC companies in Denver like us require their technicians to have exceptional mechanical skills. To become one of our technicians, you have to be mechanically minded: you have to be able to understand how machinery works, how systems like AC and furnaces work, and how to fix them when it all goes wrong. This is a unique skill which belongs to people like HVAC technicians, engineers, and mechanics.

Of course, one of the ways to gain this skill is through education- which we’ll come to in a moment. But it also comes with ‘on the job’ experience. We have 30 years of combined experience here in the Denver area, so it’s not something we’re short on! That experience helps us to identify and fix problems, whether they’re large or small, and quickly too!

Formal training and education

Most good careers start with formal training and education. That goes for accountants, veterinarians, authors and HVAC technicians too! Fixing or installing something like an AC unit is a complex, intricate job. So it doesn’t just take experience, but a sound thorough and complete education. Believe it or not, but Colorado doesn’t require you to have certification if you want to work in HVAC. But training and knowledge are required if you want to work for HVAC companies in Denver like ours.

As we’ve said, AC units are a great example. The way they work requires a solid understanding of physics to understand: the process of cooling involves evaporation, pressuring and depressurising, and chemicals to work! Not only that, but the inner mechanics of an AC unit are complex, too. So if your AC breaks down, your technician will have to use all of their training and experience to figure out what’s gone wrong. Otherwise, they’re just guessing- and we’re sure you wouldn’t want that! That’s why we make sure all of our technicians have the skills and knowhow to fix practically any furnace or AC problem.

Customer service skills

Besides the obvious, our technicians also have to have excellent customer service skills. Sadly, a lot of other HVAC companies in Denver don’t think that it’s so important! We think that giving proper customer service and expectation management is just as important as good mechanical knowledge. Otherwise, we’re sure we would go out of business!

The reason why good customer service is so important is that we’re a local business. If we offer a good service, maybe one or two clients will tell their friends; that could mean that we’re the first name they think of when they need a service call in the future. A bad service experience will put people off us, and because we’re local, that can damage our reputation. That’s why we encourage all of our technicians to explain what they’re doing, and to treat your home with care and respect.

Detail-oriented problem solvers

To figure out how to fix a problem with a furnace, a heat pump or an AC unit, you have to be a problem solver. It’s like solving a crossword or a sudoku puzzle: there’s logic involved, and that takes a certain mindset. Not just anyone can solve a crossword, and not just anyone can fix a boiler or furnace. That’s another thing that sets our technicians apart.

It’s important to be able to work fast, and get the job done right. After all, the longer it takes, the more it can cost both you and us- nobody’s happy. Working longer hours means that you have to pay more for the job to get finished; but it also means that our technicians can do fewer jobs in the working day. That’s why being detail-oriented and being able to solve puzzles and problems fast is a really useful skill if you’re working for HVAC companies in Denver!

Not afraid to get physical!

HVAC repair and installation isn’t for the faint hearted. You don’t have to be big, but you do have to be strong! That’s why not a single one of our technicians is afraid to get physical when they’re dismantling or reassembling your furnace. Older models in particular, and especially commercial grade furnaces, can be really heavySo pulling them apart and putting them back together again really isn’t an easy task.

Not only that, but more often than not there’s going to be one nut that just refuses to budge. Again, this is common with older furnaces or AC units where the bolts might have rusted up over the decades. So if you want to work for HVAC companies in Denver like ours, you have to be strong! That’s why we only employ the biggest, strongest bodybuilders to work for us.

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Those are the five reasons why we think you should pick us, out of all the HVAC companies in Denver. So whether you would like to give us a try, or you’re still not sure, why not give us a call? One of our friendly staff members will be happy to answer any questions you might have. You can either call, email or contact us through our website. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!